April 7, 2014

In the garden - this/last week

I am a bit slow with this post.  I was all set to join in with Jacqui's dusty country road Friday link up.  I have found this to be a great incentive in taking photos around the yard, and a good way to keep track of what is happening too.  A bit of appreciation for what is around never goes astray either - I'm definitely guilty of that - particularly in summer when it all becomes a bit much.  Winter blues?  no way - I suffer from summer blues!
All photos (bar the top left) are the newly planted winter veggies in the now cleared shadehouse.  Planted are: tomato, capsicum, silverbeet, cauli, kale, broccoli, tomato, beans, snow peas, carrots, lettuce.  I think that's it.

The photo top left is a cape gooseberry bush - growing on the fence next to shadehouse.  It's the first big crop by the look of things.  We've tried this in the past without much success.  Love gooseberries!
Going clockwise - top left is our prolific passionfruit vine powering along on the front fence.  First time we've had success with the purple variety too.  We've had lots of the yellow ones in the past.

My first asparagus in the ermmm rose garden.  This garden is in our front driveway and has been firstly used as a herb garden, then I converted it to a rose garden - without too much success.  Although it gets lots of sun, it's also in the shade of a gum and the roses never really did well.  So this winter I plan to transplant the roses elsewhere and revert back to a herb/ish type garden.  The asparagus was planted there by my husband, not sure why he thought to put it in that particular spot!  However now that it is actually producing I guess I'll leave it there.

I took the photo of the chook pen before the mulberry tree lands on it!  I feel sure that it's going to topple soon, but in the meantime it has provided a lot of summer shade.  We have several mulberry trees, none have ever really produced prolifically, and to be honest I find them a bit of a pest.  I'm always hacking away at them and asking husband to chop them down next time the chainsaw has an outing.  So far he has declined.

The last photo is the remants of the outdoor sunflower patch.  More news on these next time, plus the lovely storm we enjoyed last night, with lots of rain - 55mm in 30 minutes.

Sorry Jacqui - hope to be back on track next week - I mean this week!

cheers for now


**Anne** said...

Nice to see how your garden is going. It's inspiring me to keep going with mine.
Anne xx

Jacqui Calvert said...

Your winter vegies are our summer vegies, got a little smile reading through that list! Lots of things happening, that asparagus looks great. I've never tried growing it yet. That is a lot of rain too.
There's no deadline for posting! I will post on Friday, if you want to post any time during the week by all means do, and if you miss it, there's always the next time :-) Thanks for joining in again!

Coal Valley View said...

Oh Asparagus! I have the fondest memories of picking asparagus from the back garden of the host family I was living with in Germany many many years ago...yummy! Mel x PS Will keep an eye out for when The Circle of Pines does The Rosie Project for their book club, maybe I'll join up for that one! Thanks :-)