February 28, 2014

A Last Minute Post on the last day of February!

Yes I am running a bit fine with this one.  I've been spending far too much time reading other blogs amongst other everyday things I think.  Fun though.

However I have managed some decluttering for February.  I sort of cheated because I didn't actually count everything.  So whether or not I have my 28 items is debatable.

I'm fairly confident that it would be close to this number anyhow.  Not too bad a cull - and there's plenty more where that came from!
So this is how my car looked before I trotted it off to the local op shop on Tuesday.
My decluttering is someone else's gain.  That's how it works isn't it?  Op shop kharma.

I'm feeling a lot more enthused already now that the weather is cooling down a bit.  Who knows what March will bring!

Have a great weekend.
cheers for now


Mama Shara said...

You'd be proud of me! I've sent 4 garbage bag fulls to the op shop this month! And countless piles into the recycling bin - old paperwork was piling up. I'm feeling inspired too, as the weather cools to get our 'nest' cosy and comfy (and clutter free) for Winter. Xx

duchess_declutter said...

Very proud Shara..... 4 bags is pretty good going. It's wonderful what a bit of a drop in temp (and humidity) will do.

Anonymous said...

I think you did great...sure looks like 28 items to me. All the stuff I took to the thrift store in January really did pay off in that thrifting karma.....10 Gooseberry Patch (all from the 90's) cookbooks etc. I nearly cried. I have loved them forever, but never wanted to paid $15 or more for each one. I paid $1 and $2 for each. I will be working through our bedroom for March.... I hope it doesn't take that long but it probably will.
blessings, jill

muppy said...

I so need to declutter!