January 30, 2014

My Personal Declutter Challenge

I have been thinking of a way to challenge myself into decluttering more in 2014.

So this is my own personal challenge - anyone who cares to join in please do so!

This is a committment now as I've put it on my blog.  Each month in 2014 (starting February) I aim to:

declutter as many items as there are days in the month

so I'm off to an easy start in February with only 28 days.

I will be be following this little rhyme - 

and as 2014 is not a leap year I hereby challenge myself to 28 items to be decluttered/removed from the premises in February .

Not many variations on the theme, which is why I have chosen to go this way.  Some months will be easy and others I might have to push myself a bit, but I will document it as I go.   Wish me luck.  Maybe I can actually live up to my blog name!

cheers for now


Anonymous said...

I was not planning on decluttering...goodness I have be doing it for years, but with a recent tidy up about the place...well, the stuff out the door is crazy. I plan on posting the final amount on February 1st. Will certainly clear you on.
blessings, jill
hopped over here from Joolz place.

Anonymous said...

Silly me, I meant cheer you on.
blessings, jill

Claire said...

Well done Wendy and all the best with your efforts.
I have been doing a little sorting and tidying this week and made space in drawers and a few dollars along the way, which is always good.
We are selling and moving this year, so there will be alot of decluttering, sorting, tidying, etc.
Wish me luck, hehe.

Claire x

Edwina CF said...

Good luck with the declutter! Also, I just noticed you've read Burial Rites. I just finished it too, loved in the insight into Iceland in the 1900s.

Joolz said...

I had a bit of a go over the weekend. I have a walk-in linen closet which fills up with all manner of goodies. I moved a picnic basket the other day to reveal a small nest with a redback spider sitting in it! Eeek! Then I went and bought some more stacker boxes and culled some linens and things I hadn't used in ages. Off to the op shop with them. Still more to do but I find if I do it in short burst, I don't mind doing it at all.

Cheers - Joolz xx

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

We are doing a big clean out here this year in anticipation of moving to NZ in the next few years. When we had the new carpet put in we had to empty a lot of the rooms so I made the rule that nothing went back in that we didn't need. We have managed to get rid of heaps of stuff and I am still going.