July 18, 2013

That game of football last night?

What a game.  That's all that's needs to be said.
Maroons celebrate with the State of Origin shield
from here

Apologies to those who aren't interested in rugby league, but last night Qld (Maroons) took on NSW (Blues) to make it a eight straight series victory.  Awesome.

The two males of the house went off in seperate directions to watch it at respective mates' places.  Yes, it's a bit of a blokey thing I know, but I just love the State of Origin series.  So I sat at home with my knitting and thorougly enjoyed it (pity about the streaker).

In other news ... we scored a lovely fireguard at a garage sale a few weeks back.
Not that we get much of a chance to use our fire here in Queensland!!

cheers for now

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muppy said...

Haha we enjoyed the footy too, pity qld won ;P
I looooove your fireplace.