July 30, 2013

Home grown industry

I guess everyone would like to grow or source their own fresh fruit and vegetables.

However, that is not always possible and we have to buy fresh or tinned goods.  Where possible, I always look for Australian grown items, but that is getting more and more difficult to find.  More are more items I look at are imported.

So I'd like to direct anyone who cares about Australian farmers and the survival of home grown industry over to Rhonda's recent posts on supporting local products and read how you can help keep Australian farmers going.

Specifically SPC Ardmona, currently petitioning the Australian Productivity Commission to place tariffs on imported tinned tomatoes and fruits over the next 200 days.

Please read the article and sign the petition - and pass it on!

cheers for now


Kim said...

Yep I signed it. Don't you love how strong us little bloggers are as a group!!

Naturally Carol said...

That's a good idea...we need to protect our own farmers and our own industries!

duchess_declutter said...

Good comment Kim, I think that the blogging community has a very strong focus for matters such as this.
Hi Carol - I agree totally!
cheers Wendy