June 11, 2013

Introducing vintage_declutter

It may seem strange for a blogger such as myself who doesn't blog too frequently - but I'm happy to announce that I've just started another blog!

vintage_declutter  is where I will be listing my vintage and retro items for sale. ... all in the name of decluttering of course.

I have in the past sold a lot of vintage and retro items (including these items)

alongside a lot of other household type things ....

such as these items.

However I have now created a new ebay account (also called vintage_declutter) which will be limited to retro and vintage items and linked to the vintage_declutter blog.  At the moment I only sell through ebay.  This may change over time and the blog may well change over time too.  These are early days.


The majority of items I sell online are direct from our own home so can tell you a little about them - I know the history.  Most things have come to me from family and after a long time I realised, that I just can't keep it all!  I actually grew up with a lot of these family possessions and it has been difficult to make decisions to part with them - however I'm a very much realist too.

Also I have to admit that I have always collected and have definitely been a op shopper from way back!  I still love the thrill of finding something special to add to my collection.  I love all things vintage and retro and being of a 'certain age' I can certainly relate to a lot of them!

However, I just wanted those who read this blog to know that I will still be blogging here, but adding on items with minimal blogging to the other one.  Make sense?  I hope so, because I'm confused already.  I've found that I can't log in as duchess_declutter anymore, and I'm hopping between the two ebay sites and the two blogs!  It will settle down I'm sure.

So please pop over there and have a look.  You can click on the clock on the sidebar on this blog which takes you straight to the vintage_declutter blog.  The clock on that blog takes you straight to the ebay listings.  I think I will keep a status report on the items on the vintage_declutter blog and that way readers will know what is sold and what is not.  There are only a few items there at the moment, but that will be growing.

If anyone choses to buy something and is a follower on either this blog or vintage_declutter, I'm sure I can organise a little discount or maybe a little something extra in the post.  I'm starting to confuse myself now with all these links and references so I'd best be off.  Normal blogging will resume next post I promise!

cheers Wendy

PS: the party was a great success - no accidents or incidents - just two stressed out parents who were glad it was all over!

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Naturally Carol said...

All the best with your latest decluttering venture!