June 13, 2013

After the party

The Party went well and thankfully no accidents or incidents to report!  When I was out shopping pre-party and mentioned to anyone that we were having an 18th party, I was met with looks of horror/sympathy or wishes of Good Luck
So we weren’t really sure what to expect.  We know a lot of son’s friends, but not all of the ones coming.  We also hear so many media reports of wild parties, gatecrashers etc. So it was a little daunting.  We had a few security measures in place and a few friends over to help and give moral support.

However on the whole it was a great success.  It was all pretty casual.  The kids were organised, responsible and most of all had fun I think.  It’s a bit of a novelty for some to be on acreage – we had a big bonfire but it was a bit of a fizzer due to lack of aged wood to burn.  I think they enjoyed it though.

 The after looked a little like this...
 However I was really hoping this visitor didn’t come out on the night.
I spotted him above the kitchen window the night before.  The photos aren’t very good; I was just holding the camera up and taking the shots hoping I had it in the frame, but you get the picture!
It does look like it’s trying to get in under the roofing iron, but the hubster assures me it can’t get into the house (I often remind myself, it can't get into the house).  I have to admit to racing inside to check that it hadn’t!  I guess it was just looking for a warm spot to spend the winter.
Look at all those geckos!  Obviously we live in Queensland.  I wish the snake would take a liking to them.

Earlier in the week I had seen this snake in the yard when Angel our big boofy dog made a funny yelp.  When I went out she was cowering from it.  She had obviously investigated its' transit across from a garden bed (probably making its way to the house). 

Yes she did get a bite on the snout, but she is fine as carpet snakes / carpet pythons are non-venomous.  I  rang the vet to check.

So all in all, it’s been a big week.  Two over-stressed worn out parents combined with one fully aged 18 year old!
I thought I would throw in a photo of Angel.  This is a few years old, she is much greyer now.  Especially on that sticky-beak snout!

We are heading down to northern rivers NSW for a few days to catch up with some friends.  I'm looking forward to some serious market-time!

Cheers for now



Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

Snakes and 18ths sounds like some wild times at your house. Pleased it all went well, the tent looks beautiful.

Coal Valley View said...

Wendy, you're back! How fabulous!!! Looks like a terrific party (minus the snake - eek!). Have a wonderful weekend away. Mel x

muppy said...

long time no visit! (sorry)
it looks like a fabulous party set up, wow 18 hey ;)
that snake is huge, poor dog, i can't imagine how our dog would react.

Naturally Carol said...

It's so good to hear the party went off smoothly and all had fun. I don't like the look of your snake though...poor pup..he got the rough end of the deal!

Judith said...

Oh my gosh...an 18th and a snake. We've got about 3 weeks until the youngest turns 18, fortunately he's organised to hit the city with his big brother and friends so not much happening at our house.