November 15, 2012

What's new around here?

Well a few things I guess.  Lots of tamarillos starting to ripen.  These trees are amazing, I cannot believe that they were only planted last year, and this is the second crop from them.
 Lovely, and so easy to grow.
As are some bananas not far off ripening.  We tend not to bag the bunches.  Hubby prefers to cut down the tree and leave the bunch to ripen.   Not a perfect solution, but they are really too high where they are growing (in the chook pen) and awkward to get to.
We do tend to share a fair few with the possums though.

Also new is this soon–to–be–finished–Grade 12 – student.  Gasp shock horror -I know. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – where has this year gone?   His last day is actually tomorrow, when we will all be going along to final assembly  gathering finale.

Look how he has morphed in the short time from Grade 8 (on the right) to Grade 12!.  No head shots included to protect the innocent - or maybe that should be so he is not recognised when  photographed at Schoolies next week (insert more gasp shock horror). 

I have been dreading this moment for many years, hoping upon hope that by the time he finished that the event  would be considered so yesterday.     Instead it’s like – so happening next week!!!

I will not be watching the News.  I will not be reading the newspapers where they continually focus on all the bad bits.  Instead I will be content with the daily (insisted upon) phone call when I know all I’ll hear is something like ‘yep I’m fine all good  / having a great time’.  That will be enough for me, all other details spared thank you.
So I’m planning to keep busy next week.  I am working on my new, yet to be completed Etsy store!   Ebay has been good to me, and I will continue to sell odds and sods there.  However, I felt I wanted a different avenue for vintage collectables that I have and I’m wanting to declutter.

The name of course will be Vintage Declutter.  Watch this space, I’m not the fastest cab off the rank, and I want to be sure it’s all set up properly before I unleash it.

I’m also hoping to initiate a blog with the same name covering the items as I list them.  That may well follow later, will see how I go..

Cheers for now

I  think the exams were just a minor blimp in the radar on the way to end of year Anne! 

Kimwe won’t be able to keep them all Kim – would you like me to send some down?   Knowing our luck, they will be mainly roosters (those cute last 3 hatchlings are all roosters!?)

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue – psycho mama has actually settled down a lot Kirsty.  She seems more settled than the other creamy one now. 

Edwinathanks for your comment Edwina and for hopping over here!  (Chicks and kids both re attitude btw)

muppythey are cute muppy, but there are so many of them!


Naturally Carol said...

Time flies! Congratulations to your son for completing his schooling. I hope he has a wonderful holiday break..he deserves it. It's a big milestone for the whole family.

veggiegobbler said...

Oh you are lucky to have all of those bananas!
Doesn't it freak you out how quickly kids seem to grow.
Good luck with your etsy store. I look forward to checking it out.

Miss Gingham said...

All the best with your new store. I did try Etsy but kept having to go into it to remove the stock I'd sold on ebay!
I don't blame you for being concerned about schoolies. Like so many things that happen at this stage, eg driving, it's such a worrying time. Hope you survive ok. xx