November 28, 2012

Running short of time

Running short of time!

(This lovely clock is no longer in my possession.  Last year I donated it to the RSL club in Brisbane, where my Dad was a long standing committee member many years ago.  It was originally given to him by the club when the earlier old hall where they used to meet, was demolished.  I thought it was nice to complete the cycle.)

Blog posts may be sporadic, as once again I enter the working (paid work!) world.  Only a temp job, but not sure how long it will go for - and not a long commute unlike my last adventure.  Sometimes things just present themselves and you just have to run with it and see what happens :)

Of course, I can't really use the 'stay at home mum' tag as Son has now finished school!  He returned from Schoolies at the Gold Coast looking fit tanned and happy, so a big sigh of relief.  It proved to be a very long week for the ones at home.  We haven't been drilling him for too many details but some bits and pieces are emerging which all sounds fine.  Still thinking of the tragedy that occurred that week though, so sad.

Things are very tropical around here at the moment.  Hot and muggy with more hot weather on the way. The lovely loaded Tamarillo tree I mentioned in last post was split in half in a storm and lost most of the fruit.  However, still plenty more coming along luckily.

I was going to load more photos, but couldn't for a couple of reasons.  We are changing between computers and it's a bit puzzling trying to work out photos at the moment.

Also!  I have just have the 'you are out of space' message re downloading photos to the blog.  Some help needed please from  those more savvy.  A few people seem to be having this problem.  Do I really need to add more space or is it a bit of a scam?

Good luck over the next few frantic weeks into the Silly Season!   I'll be reading your blog for sure, and hopefully making a comment too.

Cheers for now


**Anne** said...

Glad to hear your son is safe and sound home from schoolies, it's always a worrying time for parents. Good luck with your new job, I hope it goes well for you. The running out of room for photos on blogger isn't a scam. I had the same thing happen to me and bought some more space. The cost is minimal but hubby did it for me so I can help you on how to do it. As I'm away from home I can't ask him but I'm sure there is someone out their in blogland who can fill you in on what to do.
Anne xx

Naturally Carol said...

I can remember being shocked when the out of space message came up. For two years I have been paying google five dollars a year for more space. I think it's worth it though others may have a better way of getting around it. I'm glad your son is back safely.

Maria said...

A lovely gesture returning the clock. Our local RSL club is no longer 'RSL'; it's owned by some big club with sporting ties I think it is. The display cabinets of memorabilia which were on the ground floor have been moved somewhere upstairs...hmm sign of the times for some smaller clubs I guess. Glad your son had a safe and obviously fun time at must have been hell for parents waiting at home tho'.

Edwina said...

Good luck getting back into the workforce. I'm just coming to terms with getting out of it, which is proving surprisingly scary. The out of space message is interesting, I haven't come across it yet. I wonder if you could get around it by loading photos to Flickr and then just pasting the HTML code? That's what I did with my last blog anyway, although more because blogger limited photo size then which I didn't like.

Glad your son made it back in one piece too :-)

librarygirl said...

glad your boy is back safe and sound!
yes, I've upgraded the photo storage, hoping it's legit...
since the blogger platform is free up til now, hoping this is not the thin edge of the wedge...

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

I ran out of space a while back and have paid to upgrade it. So far no issues. Yes it has been hot and today it is absolutely scorching outside . Good luck with the job hope it turns out.

veggiegobbler said...

Nice idea with the clock - good on you.
Have looked into this google thing as I too have recently got the message. It's not a scam but it's interesting that everyone is getting the message at the same time. I suspect they've only just started cracking down and alerting everyone. I first got the message months ago on a newish blog I started with same google email for my son's band. So I stopped uploading on that site. I could still upload on my veggiegobbler one though - even though it was showing I was full. It used to be $5 for a year to get more storage space. Then they changed the plan and increased the rate significantly and made it so you could only pay monthly. I'm not impressed -my free blog is no longer free. And I hate that I had to open a google wallet. But apart from stopping blogging or moving the blog elsewhere I couldn't see much other choice. So I did it.

Miss Gingham said...

Hi Wendy,
Is there a link to your ebay shop on your blog that I can't find?