August 2, 2012

Planet Carrot

Normal broadcasting following the Olympics is now resumed at umm..... Planet Carrot

The collection of carrots from our garden looked weird... and something like this
I did try for non-offensive posing......
The weirdness is obviously due to gardener neglect - lack of thinning of seedlings after planting.
However after more washing, trimming and shaping they looked just fine. 


So then I converted them into Carrot and Coriander soup – loosely adapted from this recipe.
Thanks Library Girl!

I added some things from the garden, including silverbeet, some kale and a bouquet of herbs as well.  I think there was a bit of parsely, chives, mint, and of course coriander.
The end result was nice and enjoyed by all.    Next time I’ll add even more coriander.  Just because I love it (not sure about The Others). .... and because there is so much of it at the moment!

 Next time – escape to Planet Potato!

Also just wanted to mention that I followed Fiona's advice about Kin Kin products - and I'm glad I did!     *not a sponsored or prompted post - just my own opninion*

They are great - the dishwashing detergent is lovely and fresh smelling - and lasts a long time.  The dishwasher powder works a treat too.

This is something that has been worrying me for some time - the things that are closest to what we put into our bodies.  The cutlery and crockery used every day should be washed in something gentle and as natural as possible.

I also feel comfortable washing store-bought fruit and veg (which is all sprayed so heavily) in the detergent.  I'm not sure if this was an intent of the product or not.

What do you wash your fruit and veg in?  Chemicals don't just come off in water - do they?  I'd be interested to hear any comments on this aspect.

Cheers for now

Ali  nice to hear from you again!!  Hope all is well.  
Maria  sorry - did I sound bossy -  I didn’t mean to!


Samantha said...

Hi Wendy
The "forking" in your carrots may be due to having too many rocks in your carrot patch soil - as they grow and encounter a stone they change direction, hence the 'fork'!!
Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a lovely comment about my latest knitting. I'll be posting the finished product later today.
Sam xx

librarygirl said...

soup looks fab - I like your additions to it!

Sue Grier said...

Most of the vegies and fruit I buy are either organic or I grow myself and I don't use any chemicals, but your point is so true if you are buying from the supermarkets which are full of chemical sprays what do you use? I may need to experiment with som pure olive oil soap and see how this goes. I think your carrots look great, just like mine. Don't they taste fantastic.

Maria said...

Oh no certainly not bossy; it was just a reminder! lol I did find one at Bunnings today and will find the perfect spot to plant it tomorrow. Your soup looks delicious by the way! Last year I had carrots like that (very sculptural) but I was a bit more diligent about thinning this year so hopefully they'll be 'straight'.Last year's still tasted good as you would know :-)

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

As long as those carrots taste good that is all that matters. We are just brain washed into believing perfection is the only measure of success. Glad you like the Kin Kin products too. It is so hard to find good locally made products sometimes.

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

Eating carrots and coriander at our house too. I think you may get more business like carrots if you go through your soil and check for hard lumps. Forking can happen with more freshly manured soil too. Carrots like to be treated a bit mean so they dive down deep for food. I like a carrot with personality though, the more offensive the better! We all need a bit of vegetable cheer in our day.

delia hornbook said...

Yummy that soup looks really thick and delicious and even better knowing its homemade you just can't beat it. Those carrots did make me smile but like i said i bet they tasted gorgeous ;-)) dee x

veggiegobbler said...

Ha! I think my kids would have liked those carrots. I'm trying to grow carrots again after failures and a break. I do hope I get some - even funny looking ones.