August 6, 2012

Bantam babies!

I am ridiculously pleased to be able to show these photos.
while it may be a case of photo overload.....

our first (totally) home bred bantams hatched on the weekend!

Although Little Banty is a proven foster mother (just click on the bantam link on sidebar).

these are the first ones from the Pekin bantams that she in turn raised.

So thrilled!  Let's just hope we have snake-proofed the pen enough.

The funny part is that the three eggs sat for about 10 days in the egg bowl with the others in the kitchen before I decided to have a go at hatching (gross! said my son - we could have eaten them).

How wonderful is Nature - just had to place them under Little Banty and 21 days later out they popped!

Oh - in case you are wondering why I don't let her raise her own eggs ...... well our Rooster at Stud, Little Dandy  ....... is her brother.  I'm no genius of genetics, but it doesn't seem right somehow.

cheers for now

Samantha – I think you are probably right about the rocks, however after years of trying to build our soil up from clay, it’s great just to be growing carrots at all!
librarygirl – thanks for the inspiring recipe!
Sue Grier – I’d be interested to hear about any olive oil soap you make Sue.
Maria – good luck with the vine.  We might try more with the gardening soon too.
Fiona from Arbordale Farm – good point about the carrots.  I think there must be  so much wastage because consumers will only buy perfect produce.
Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue – it all worked out well in the end.  We should get a bit more diligent with our gardening though I think.
delia hornbook  - thanks Delia!  They are cute carrots aren’t they!?
veggiegobbler – I’m sure you’re carrots will be fine VG – make sure you post photos!


Kim said...

Oh how lovely!! I love the photo where the chick is sitting on mum. I have always wanted to have chicks , but we got rid of our rooster because of the noise.Have been thinking of ordering some eggs to hatch though..amazing how long they last , we had friends who had them in the fridge for 2 weeks and then put them under a hen and they hatched!

veggiegobbler said...

How gorgeous. Having seen Hazel's and now yours I am getting clucky. But I think we'll wait til next year for more.

Maria said...

How magical hatching the eggs from the egg bowl! lol They are just gorgeous! And as for Dandy...he's magnificent!

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Sooooooo cute. I hope they make it to adults.

muppy said...

haha that does sound a bit gross! they are adorable, makes you remember how amazing nature is :)

delia hornbook said...

aahhh thats wonderful ;-)) I don't think i want to eat another egg though. Enjoy watching them grow. dee x