August 22, 2011

Yet Another Leafy Question

These three plants are thriving in our veggie patch at the moment.  Two have been positively identified and we use them quite a bit.  That would be the broccoli and ruffle leaf kale.
However, the third one has us baffled.  It appears to be of the brassica family.  The growth pattern is very similar, if somewhat larger. 

I haven't included a photo, but just imagine a large broccoli plant.  Except the leaves look like this.
 This one is Kale
 and this is the Broccoli
So the Unknown must be something we have knowingly bought as seedling and planted.  Kohl rabi?  Have checked the undercarriage and there doesn't appear to be anything growing from the base.  However, that is not a vegetable I use, so maybe I just bought one plant to try.  Maybe it is slow maturing.  I'm answering my own questions here, so over to you.  What do you think it is??  Oh and it's not cabbage or cauliflower either.

Haven't posted for a wee while.  Here's a couple of shots from our weekend away a few weeks back.  Gorgeous Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.  On a full moon.  Tres romantic.  Trey romantique.  Very nice weekend away with just the two of us.  Teenage son survived at home without any major catastrophes.  Hopefully we're not setting too many precedents here!

Cheers for now - Wendy 

My response to last comments - plus for those who are interested, I also found this link which answered a few questions about broccolini.

Gooseberry Jam - hah yes indeed when does Broccolini become Broccoli.  Quite right as it turns out.
veggiegobbler  - I'm sure that the little broccoli is good - and the bigger stuff  worth the wait.
little black cow blog - it seems it is just marketed differently.  Stir fries are always pretty good I think.
**Anne** - we love broccoli in any shape or form!
saving for travel  - I'm sure your broccoli will be great when you get around to harvesting it SFT.
muppy - I did too actually... and wondered why it was more expensive.
Judith - Apparently it's just marketing differently.  I ended up googling too.


Kim said...

It looks like a broccolli leaf to me. I wonder though, could some brassicas have crossed and you have ended up with a new plant that no one has thought of yet.

delia hornbook said...

I am afraid i haven't got a clue what it is good luck with finding out though. Lovely photo's of your break away. Have a lovely week, dee x

saving for travel said...

I don't know about the leaves I'm afraid.

What a beautiful destination for your weekend away.

I am so jealous. More details please.

Sft x

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Could it be brussel sprouts?
Caloundra is lovely, I was just there last week visitng a friend and it is 45 mins from us so makes a great day out.