August 12, 2011

When does Broccoli become Broccolini?

Just a question to ponder over the weekend.

This looks amazingly like the broccolini sold in bunches.

Note to self ....... Broccoli re-growth tastes pretty good too!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

HAZEL - yes Hazel, sometimes that is the only decluttering that goes on around here!
Lyndel  - thanks for your kind comment. 
 **Anne** - thanks again - looks like the weather will be kind to us too. 
Fi - thanks too Fi.  Zoe was extra special indeed.  Dexter cute in his own way, but somehow not as devoted as Zoe...
Kim - thanks Kim- yes it was a great day and the photo will always be special too. aid...
muppy - I think it will be! 

Cheers for now - Wendy


Gooseberry Jam said...

Or When does Broccolini become Broccoli?
I've always wondered about that! Looks good! ENJOY! :)

veggiegobbler said...

I was just looking at my broccoli and wondering a similar thing. I could cut some off now and eat it - it looks like broccolini. But I know I planted broccoli and I was hoping it would get bigger...but then again I am an impatient type.

the little black cow blog said...

I always thought brocollini was the regrowth , I didn't know it was a seperate thing. Sometimes we wait till the flowers come and then stir fry it , yummo!

**Anne** said...

Oooo, yum. That looks so good.

saving for travel said...

Yeah! We have some brocolli(?) growing in our garden. So looking forward to eating it!

Love your last Doggy post. More pics and info about Dexter please.

Sft x

muppy said...

good point, i thought it was different variety!

Judith said...

Is there a difference? I'm going to have to google that one now. :)