April 13, 2011

Looking back is not such a good thing I feel.  I try very much not to be too retrospective as it's so much better to be looking ahead.  However, I had occasion to search on www.nearmap.com  recently for something in relation to the 2011 Queensland floods.  What a great site! 

However, then it made me think back to an aerial shot we have of our property (taken by SunMap).  This photography was taken not too long after we purchased way back in 1991.

It was most definitely a drought year, as I remember distinctly how dry and dusty everything was on our place.  Our 5 acres had been extensively over-grazed by horses so there was effectively no grass.  There were however, thankfully, quite a lot of original gum trees.

I have outlined our block in green with a red arrow - can you see it?  You may have to double click on photo.

We had moved from the suburbs of Brisbane.  Close to the city actually.  A ten minute run off-peak, or an easy commute by ferry when I went to work.  I had grown up on acreage, and while the appeal of living close in was great for a while, the urge was strong to move to our own acreage.

So, this is what we bought.  5 acres and a house, for the price of a very basic house in Brisbane at the time.  Lots of move to room, lots of trees to plant.   My husband, a dedicated 'greenie' from the start, and I started to plant.  Lots.  While around us, the development started in full.  

It's not all negative of course.  We are now 10 minutes for a regional shopping centre, railway station, movies and all the trappings.  My husband has been fortunate enough to work locally for the last 10 years or so, and I stopped the long commute to the city about 4 years ago.

However, it is interesting to look back.  I'll show a photo of how it looks now some other time, but this is how it looked then.  The encroachment of development.  Slow and steady.


By the way - those who may have initially followed this blog looking for inspiration on decluttering must be sadly disappointed!   I apologise - that will happen I promise.  At the moment it is school holidays and I have
my chauffeur cap on almost constantly.

Cheers for now


HAZEL said...

Decluttering is OK but variety is the spice of life. I am looking forward to seeing the NOW aerial shot.

Gooseberry Jam said...

Sorry Wendy, it looks like it's all outlined in green, cant quite pick out your little piece...Maybe I'm going colour blind!
We are South West of Brissy and have a HUGE Development set to start here in the next couple of years for the next 20 years....we too will have a small city only 10 minutes from our front door, I don't like it! It wont affect us directly but I will know it's just down the road... However my husband is a self employed tradie, so it may bring a little business closer our way!
Also, I remember filling in your survey and specifically asked for more info about your lovely property, so bring it on...

Nelly said...

You wouldnt happen to have an acre or 2 spare would you lol how lucky are you 5acres would be such a dream for me.
I can give you info on the property I always wanted but isnt quite the same thing is it?

Ali said...

Wendy all I could think of while reading your post was that I left high school in 1991... oh bugger that's funny... Lucky thing with five fabulous acres :)

duchess_declutter said...

Hazel, you may be waiting a while on that one - stay posted.

GJ - If you come back for a 2nd look, I have modified the photo a little... and it now has a red arrow too! Thanks for your comments.

Nelly - I know, it's difficult sometimes isn't it. The grass is always greener over the fence - I often dream of a smaller yard with less mowing!

Ali - lol indeed young one. Your time will come!

Daffodil said...

You can´t be decluttering all of the time, Wendy! Hells bells, my own blog is a hodge podge of my life.

You keep on keeping it varied, and I will still happily read on!

Gooseberry Jam said...

Ah yes, I see it now, thanks Wendy, will be interesting to see what it looks like these days...

Fi said...

Yes please post the "Now" shot :)