April 20, 2011

Lessons in Learning Part 1

A word of advice from someone who has just found out something new.  

Never (and I mean never) leave washing your sons' football team jerseys for a couple of days because it is raining.  In fact it might be better to leave them out in the rain for a week before you wash them.

We (the footy Mums) take turns at washing the boys jerseys after the game on Sundays.  It was my turn this week, and I made the mistake of waiting for the weather to clear up so they could dry nicely in the sun.

Bad mistake.  I am still gagging from the smell.   16 year old boys.  oh my.

No photos this week.  My camera has gone AWOL - so here's one I took another time.  It seemed apt. 

Cheers for now 


cathy@home said...

I know what you mean I had a job once at a football ground and part of it was to wash the Football teams gear I did it for a week. scared for life:)

Nelly said...

Lucky they didnt go mouldy ewww

Ali said...

Euwwwwww! Gross!

Beautiful flowers though, is the big pink one a rose?

Judith said...

I did the same thing when my eldest played soccer and I know that smell...not nice. I had to wash them a couple of times to get the smell out and the dirt out.

Gooseberry Jam said...

Such pressure sometimes being the Jersey Mum, I remember once having to send in Wet Jerseys to the game for the same reason, I thought it better send in Wet ones than smelly ones... Poor Kids...

duchess_declutter said...

Cathy - how long did that job last? I don't think I would last long at all!

Nelly not mouldy - just yuk!

Ali - gross would be at least one of the words I used...lol. Yes pink one is a rose from my garden.

Judith - I've done my turn before and don't remember anything like this. Obviously I won't leave it a couple of days again!

GJ - pressure - yes! The funny part was because they ponged so much, I put the machine on the super duper intensive stain program. I don't usually use hot water at all, so after it started I realised it would be a hot wash and I rushed to turn it off. I had a sudden vision of the boys running on in jerseys that had shrunk two sizes!!

Fi said...

Whiffy! Did they come out nice and clean?