March 28, 2011

Waking from Summer

The photo is actually a sunset - which could be considered symbolic of the end of summer perhaps.   I am the first to admit it, but this is probably the first time I have admitted it!  I am definitely a summer sloth.  

The summer sloth in this case, retreats from the heat around about December and comes to life in the latter stages of March.  However, this year,  it is almost April.  My husband is currently reading the book  Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter_Planet and insists on reading out extracts.  Not a feel good mood maker for me.

This weekend however, for the first time, I felt the promise of Autumn.  The temperature dipped to a heady 27⁰C and it was even  a little breezy.  Hold me back!  Although we had a busy weekend which is typical with a busy and active teenager, and the odd social outing for us, I still managed to get a little excited about the garden.  Venturing  out and doing physical work.  Heavens. 

Even if that isn't a wild enough theory, I have been invigorated enough to encourage The Others to agree to a Garage Sale (you may know this phenomenon as a Yard or Boot Sale)  in mid-April.  So it is marked on the calendar.  Although the very thought gives me the chills, it is another thing that has to be faced.  Yuk Yuk Yuk - people trawling through our unwanted possessions, trying to beat us down on price. 

However, the good side is that The Others (in particular my husband and his Shed)  will be doing some clearing out of their own.  Lots of works in progress in that Shed.  

Also,  I had to include a photo of something that I'm not letting go.  Not quite in the Objects of My Affection Category, but I do really like them both.  I decided not to include these items with the other part of the dinner set that has just sold.  So I'm keeping the gravy boat and the platter, as a reminder of the rest of the set.  For the time being anyway, this may change later when I go through the whole lot again!


Cheers Wendy


HAZEL said...

Oh, I was so admiring of the bench end that I was considering making the trip up from Melbourne to buy it at the garage sale! Bugger!

duchess_declutter said...

Ha! That is def a work in progress Hazel. It is the re-construction of a family heirloom - he just has to find the time.

Lyndel said...

good idea to keep the platter from the dinner set, a lovely reminder, and a ''useful'' one too, as it would make a nice savory tray, or cupcake platter, or anything really! well done.

Fi said...

The temperature dipped to 27C??? That's the height of summer for us down here! :)

Good luck with the garage sale. It's always interesting who turns up and what they buy...

duchess_declutter said...

Lyndel - thanks for the reassurance - that is what I was thinking too. I do have some other very large platters put away, but I'll worry about them when I get to them.

Fi - I know! I think that is why I loved NZ when I lived there. Just have to convince The Others to move across the ditch. Maybe later on. I can dream anyway.

Ali said...

Wendy, it's getting cold cold cold! I am a winter hibernator... go away cold weather... stop wishing it here you.

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