January 31, 2011

Release me

Lately Tom Jones has been coming to mind.  Maybe not in the way that you may be thinking.  I've never been a big fan.   However, I'm finding that the lyrics to 'Release Me... Oh please release me, let me go/For I don't love you anymore/To waste our lives would be a sin/Release me and let me love again' have been of great help to me in my quest to declutter.  In fact I may well have read this strategy in one of the many self-help books that are now cluttering my bookcase!

This is what I have been humming / singing to myself as I have to make a difficult decision on letting something go.  I have read all the decluttering books.  Have been schooled by the best.  However, the actual difficulty with me has been to actually let that item go.  To physically pick it up and put it somewhere to be re-homed. 

To be honest, I have found this musical therapy quite helpful.  A couple of times lately I've just had to close my eyes and purposefully hum and place item into bag or car.  I'm thinking in particular of last week when I took a golf buggy and clubs to the Salvos.  They have been in the garage for years and used to belong to my Dad.  I always thought I would take up golf, but I haven't and they have just been sitting there.  Memories of my Dad were strong. 

However - the golf clubs have moved on now and I didn't take a photo.  I do hope that someone who may not have been able to learn or play golf before will now be able to enjoy them.

Can I just add at this point - if you haven't guessed already - I'm an absolutely basket-case sentimental sook.  This is why I find it so hard to let go of things.  The practical things are easy, the sentimental ones are difficult.  Maybe more so because I have ended up with everything from my parents. So it's a never ending cycle and I have to be strong. 

I did manage to release that pile of face washers and tea towels back at the same time as the golf clubs!  success x 2.

cheers Wendy

Cheers Wendy


Ali said...

Wendy I got all excited and inspired, opened a wardrobe door to attack my shoes and then realised it was nearing 3pm and I had to pick up Luka from school. I think my motivation may have left for the day too.

I'll try some inspiration music on Wednesday.

duchess_declutter said...

Even just opening a wardrobe door is a start Ali!
Somehow there are always distrctions, but Luka will always be your top priority.

dreamer said...

You are making a great start on things Wendy :)

Daffodil said...

I am also in the process of decluttering and reorganising my life. It has thus far been a very slow and arduous process as there are far too many other things that distract me...and that is just about anything else! LOL

Tracey said...

Hi Wendy! I am finally coming back to earth and trying to catch up with my neglected blogging buddies.. I haven't done any blogging of my own lately at all, let alone reading or commenting on others. So here I am finding you with a new theme! And one after my own heart too! I think you might just be the role model I need to get on with the decluttering of my house, now that I've got another aspect of my life under control!

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Tracey! Fancy seeing you here - I think I may well be better on this theme than the last one lol. Jump on in - the more the merrier. I am feeling good about my decluttering journey now - so blogging has been really fun. Hope you update yours soon - I'm keen to hear how you've been going.