November 9, 2015

What's happening - Rainy Day Flowers, Funghi and a Koala!

On a rainy day - a few flowers to brighten the place up a bit!
Lots of hippeastrum, agapanthus & day lillies coming along. 

 These toadstools come and go with the rain and seem to like it in the damp of the chook yard.

I spotted this chap in our back paddock when I was out and about in the rain.  He has been very vocal the last few nights, so I knew he was not too far away.
 He woke up a bit for one photo
 but found it all a bit of an effort ....
That doesn't really look terribly comfortable though!

We are seeing fewer and few koalas every year.  Plant a koala friendly tree if you can - if not in your own back yard, then on a community planting day.  The amount of clearing of their habitat in our immediate area is disturbing.  These guys are very vulnerable.

cheers for now


**Anne** said...

How lovely to have koalas near you but so sad they are losing their habitat. Lovely photos of this handsome one. They must have cast iron bottoms to be able to sleep like that.
Anne xx

Sew Quilt Designs said...

Beautiful are so lucky to see them :)

Sue said...

You know I would plant a Koala friendly tree in my garden if I thought I stood a chance of getting some of them to reside in it!! We get toadstools that come and go in the chicken pen too, must be all that chicken poo. Love having flowers from the garden inside, especially if they are fragrant.

Christina said...

I could do with a little colour in our dreich Scottish climate. Koalas are such exotic creatures to me that I forget they actually are part of fauna somewhere. How wonderful to find one in your back garden.