August 29, 2014

Spring has Sprung. Apparently.

I think it's a tropical apricot or maybe peach.  It's down in the 'back half'.  The back half of our five acre block which is pretty much left as bush, apart from a few things we have tried to grow over the years.

This tree was one of a few 'tropical' stone fruit trees that we have tried to grow.  However it doesn't fruit very well, but the blossoms are pretty.  For the 5 or so minutes that they are out.  Or so it seems.  I saw it in flower one week.  Intended to take a photo the next week.  Actually went down to take a photo.
and found that only a few of the blossom remained.  Still pretty.
The signs of spring are everywhere.

Our garden has really been producing well.

This was the garden back in April this year 

Plenty of kale and cauliflower and broccoli outside the shadehouse too.  It seems to be quite the season for broccoli - it seems just about every blog I read is proud of their broc.
Everything nice and green. Some nice rain has helped, but more would be nice too. 
I have to wonder though how many more Spring seasons our old girl Angel will see.  She is such a funny dog, always happy.  She has some weird habits though.  She will be 12 in December and has really just started to slow down.  Prematurely grey, she does look a bit older than her years.  Probably a bit  like me after surviving her first TEN few manic years! 

cheers for now 


**Anne** said...

Spring is definitely on the way. I'm so glad your garden is producing, that broccoli looks wonderful.
Anne xx

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Anne - welll it's actually quite hot here today - and 27 deg. predicted tomorrow. Yuck straight into the hot weather it seems.....