June 27, 2013

Our little patch of orange

Our citrus patch this winter.
With a bit of a slow start, our mandarins are coming along nicely.
I didn't think they would be any good this year, the first few were tasteless and not too sweet.
However, another month of sun ripening has improved them a lot. 

These five or so trees are more than enough for our family of three.  I tend to give them away to any friends we see or who visit, and make the occasional cake or something - but the majority of the time we just juice them.
Usually too a morning juice is enough to keep the colds and sniffles at bay.  Not this year however!  I have succumbed (blame the other half) to a head cold (think ears nose throat) and husband still has the cough which is probably bronchitis actually. 

However, as medical attention *clearing of throat here* has not been sought despite my prodding, we don't really know.  What is it with guys and doctors!?!

cheers for now Wendy 


Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Looks like a good haul. Hope you feel better soon.

Kim said...

We have planted about the same amount of citrus. It does take them a while to start producing in our area, but now we have an orange tree just loaded with oranges. Orange and poppy seed muffins are a good way to use them up too.
we have had the same head cold ....hope you both feel better soon !

Margaret said...

Sounds like the Mandarins are doing well, most Citrus trees need a frost to get the sweetness happening in the fruit, and when you get to pruning, make them a bowl or vase shape to let the sun hit the whole tree....more sun, more blossoms, more blossoms, more fruit.
Our tree is chockers at the moment , so I am having 2 a day and sharing with family and they are soo.o sweet and juicy, there's nothing like home grown for great taste