January 18, 2013

The Grille Team - heading for the block

Awwwww.... chickens they start out so sweet don't they??

Then they grow up

The solution this year (apart from deciding not to breed so many next summer) was to sort out the roosters, put them all together in the shadehouse.  Strangely enough, there has been no fighting since we put them in together without any hens around.  Go figure!
So the veggie garden /shadehouse is now our rooster pen.  These guys are destined for the pot.  Sad but true.  The word rotisserie has been tossed around a few times also, as this is hubby's new toy on the fire pit.
When you start out with chickens, they are so cute and I love them. .... but then they grow up and usually half will be roosters.  So in a practical sense, this is our next step in being a little self sufficient.
Hubby did make a little temporary shelter for them, with a roost and all, but it seems that height is preferred. I guess it is cooler at night too. I find it amusing to see them perched on what was previously a grill frame for growing beans.

They are doing a good job in the meantime of clearing out the veggie garden, before it is rotary-hoed and made ready for winter crop of vegetables.

I am planning on concentrating on pekin breeding too, so next seasons crop of chicks will be pure bred pekin bantams, and hopefully more saleable. 

cheers for now 


librarygirl said...

they do look hilarious perched like that!

Claire said...

They are so cute when they are small.......we've only had one lot of chicks hatch, but it was such fun, watching them grow and see their habits emerge.
They certainly do a great job in the garden too.........lots of good reasons to breed them.

Claire :}