February 10, 2012

Objects of my Affection - revisited

I know, I know.  I have been neglected my blog lately.  A lot actually.   So I’m slowly down a little and re-visiting an area of my blog (Objects of my Affection)  which I started off some time ago.  I might just throw in one of these posts occasionally to remind me of things around me that I do appreciate.  

In a roundabout way (as you do) I stumbled this post.  Linking my blog in #4!  I was totally surprised and amazed – except now I feel like a schmuck because I’m not doing much decluttering lately (I will I promise).   Thank you very much Barb.

However I have decided to appreciate things.   I am looking around me and liking a lot of the objects in my possession and thinking of the sentiments attached to them.  There are still a lot of things that must go sooner or later.  One of these days we will move and then I'll have my work cut out for me!

I still have these two pieces.  I sold the remainder of the original setting last year.   It was one of those tough decisions, as I have always loved using this set and in fact this was our family dinner set when I was growing up.

However, on the plus side of things – I still have these two pieces and I cherish them.  So that is the lesson today dear friends.  If you can’t keep all of something – at least keep part of it!  Hmm. .... I guess that could be applied to a lot of things.  Also - if you can’t keep any of it, at least take photos before the parting of the ways.
Can I just say too – I’m waving hi to my new followers!  Thank you and to any others who chose to look this way.  Welcome.

Cheers for now


librarygirl said...

Wendy I love the idea of keeping two pieces of that dinner set and displaying them rather than having the whole lot unused in a cupboard. Great idea.

Angela said...

Taking a photograph is a Good Idea

My decluttering has slowed a little too

Barb said...

Lovely dinnerware! Great idea to keep two pieces and to photograph things you're decluttering. Thanks for the link to my blog!

delia hornbook said...

Nice to see you back. We all have to stop decluttering at times or were have nothing left;-)) dee x

Kim said...

I love that idea. It is kind of the way we work ....you can keep things as long as you keep them being functional. For us , our grandmothers' house was being knocked down...it was so tempting to grab bits of the home to store in the shed for 'one day'. My favourite part of the house was the original post office door with little shelf .... we needed a door in the pantry....now we have Grandma's door there. All the relatives get such a thrill out of seeing it there!

Judith said...

Time flies doesn't it Wendy. Just when I think I'll sit down and write a post I remember 6 other things that I need to do first.

How could you part with the dinner set, especially if you used it growing up. You're braver than me. xx

dreamer said...

Hi Wendy, good to see you posting again :) I wound up my declutter blog as I had got to a level where I was happy with what was left in the house,I'm working on it from the other angle now by being more careful what comes into teh house in the first place :)

dreamer said...

Just to get you posting again how about a game of blog tag, rules are on my blog, if you want to play along :)

saving for travel said...

I can understand why you cherish them.

Sft x