July 3, 2011

I'm thinking about Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums - how pretty they are and how easy to grow - but only that way when you're not trying!  I have planted different colour from seed, but they never seem to take.  However these bright orange and yellow ones power on, particularly when nothing else is flowering much in the garden.

Strangely enough I have only started picking them for the house these last few years.  I didn't think they would last long once cut, but they do.  These were picked two days before the photo and they are still looking happy.

My strongest memories of these flowers as a child would have to be the picking of the actual flower off the stem and sucking out the nectar!  I know the leaves can be used in salad which I do sometimes, but mainly I just enjoy the flowers in the house.

If I was asked, I'm guessing that I'd probably associate Nasturtiums with summer, but here it is, mid-winter and they are flowering wildly.  In fact I'm clearing some at the moment from my rose garden.  They do look pretty there but unfortunately they tend to attract aphids.  I'll still leave a few there - enough to maybe encourage some predator insects.

Do you have Nasturtiums memories?  Do they grow where you are?   Maybe you think of them as a weed because they grow so prolifically ?  I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on (what I consider) this pretty but simple little flower.

Cheers for now - Wendy


Daffodil said...

I love the colour of nasturtiums...they are a gorgeous splash of orange that is welcome in the garden. I have never grown them, and have never even considered them as a cut flower.

Lyndel said...

oh they look lovely cut in that blue vase. My oldest memory of them goes back to my Nanna, early 1950s I was amazed that she used to pick them and chew the flower petals. Of course, these days you sometimes see the bright orange petals in a mixed salad, always reminds me of Nanna.♥

Kim said...

When I was little there was a spot on my grandfather's farm where his mother's old house once stood . It was covered in nastrutiums, and they looked so pretty draping over the fallen timbers.looking back now it was probably a plant my great grandmother nutured ...but at the time we all thought it was just some weed.
It wasn't until I saw them growing in my friend's vegetable patch that I realised they were a proper plant you can eat .
Now I have bright red ones decorating my salad garden and it brings me memories of standing in that empty field as a small child.

Tasmanian Vegan and Minimalist said...

I can see whny you are thinking about nasturtiums ! Gorgeous.

Nelly said...

I dont see them around much amymore?maybe I havnet visited any old gardens for awhile.I am sure mum would have some at hers she always used them in salads too

HAZEL said...

My mother told me you could eat them so I made a sandwich with the leaves once...I hated it ...I was about 8 I think. It took me a long time to get over that. Now I will toss some flowers in a salad...more for garnish than for nutrition. LOL. But I always plant some seeds each year...and as you say, I only associate them with Summer. Love the orange and blue!

delia hornbook said...

There beautiful. I don't have them in my garden but there very pretty. Enjoy yours, dee x

saving for travel said...

What cheerful flowers!

Just beautiful.

Sft x