May 16, 2011

Your comments mean so much!

It is so nice to think that there are so many caring friends made in the short time that I've been blogging.  Each comment meant a lot to me, and our family.  We are all adjusting ok - Bundy is missed, but it wasn't exactly a shock.  We knew his time was approaching. 

The whole event went pretty gently.  There was no drama, it was all done with dignity.  Which suited his personality so much.  The fact that we could bury him at home was 'good' too.    He spent all of his years here.  A couple of holidays at the beach, but the majority of his time was spent keeping an eye on his patch.  So it was fitting really.
I thought I would share this funny photo of the three dogs.  Dexter being introduced to the other two as the new kid on the block.  The look on their faces cracks me up - What the.....??  They both look about to eat him.  They didn't and he went on to be part of the family.  Dexter is now aged 5 and Angel now 8 years.

Thanks again.  A brighter post tomorrow when I show off our new chickens.

Cheers for now


HAZEL said...

I love that photo!

cathy@home said...

What a lovely picture love that gaze R.I.P Bundy

dreamer said...

So sad to read about your dog Wendy x sounds like he had a lovely life though. Love the photo :)