May 6, 2011

Signs of the Season

Ahhhh ..... the best time of the year as far as I'm concerned!  The start of autumn and those lovely sunny days with blue skies.  Time to get the quilts and blankies out of storage.  Time to load up the Hills Hoist with them all. It is worth putting up with all the heat just to get to this stage.  I am a born and bred Queenslander, but feel sure that I was meant to live in a colder climate - it will happen one day.

My favourite - with so much beautiful work in it.  I wish I could claim it as my own creation, but I bought this one new at a craft fair when we were on holidays in central NSW a few years ago.   The detail is just gorgeous, and as a knitter not a crocheter,  I am even more in awe of it.  The other crochet rugs I have acquired over the years,  mainly from thrift shops.
Doonas/quilts/comforters - everyone seems to have a different name for them.  For a family of 3, we certainly seem to have a few!   A couple are lightweight for the start of winter, then ramping up to a heavier  wool fleece one for when it really does get cool.  It just doesn't get cold enough for woolen blankets here, although I have a few in storage.  For us, it is just one cotton woven blanket and one quilt.  What do you use where you are?

Other signs of winter - our citrus doing well, and not too far off being picked.  I think that Nature has it pretty well planned that citrus ripens just when winter kicks in.  Plenty of Vitamin C to ward off colds.  It seems to work for us, we are rarely sick over winter (touch wood)!

I hope to have some decluttering to report next week.  I am currently sorting out summer/winter clothes too, so I plan to have photographic evidence!

Happy Mother's  Day on Sunday to all the mums out there.  Fortunately (for us, but not for him) we don't have to drive our son way over to the other side of town to play football as usually happens on Mother's Day!  He has a minor injury (a huge lump on his knee after a collision at training during the week) and won't be playing.  Instead I may even get a little spoilt - who knows! 

A big Thanks to the gorgeous Ali of Mud Pie for having the Diggers book giveaway.  I won I won!  So did Hazel and Gooseberry Jam.  We all won a book each!  Thanks heaps Ali.

cheers for now Wendy


Bruise Mouse said...

Congrats on winning the book. Good news.
Your citrus trees are looking fabulous. I am really ready for winter now. We have had so little rain in the west and the weather is only just starting to cool down.

Lyndel said...

well it gets a bit colder a bit sooner down here in Melbourne. we sleep with a doona and right now a crochet throw, when it gets even colder there will be a wool blanket, a dooner and the crochet throw over the top of that! my crochet throw is all white in a pretty bobble stitch made by an American friend years ago. I love it, and unpacked it about a week ago. I also do a complete summer/winter wardrobe clearance twice a year!! did it on Tuesday.♥

HAZEL said...

Yep, we go with wool blankets and even have Winter and Summer weight doonas....and an electric blanket.

Judith said...

Your favourite blanket is beautiful. I couldn't live without my electric blanket in winter - nothing nicer than a warm bed when you hop in.

duchess_declutter said...

Bruise Mouse - pity you didn't end up with much rain. Sounds like it will be a dry cold winter maybe?

Lyndel - Melbourne weather, just love it! We've visited a few times (including over winter) and it's just lovely. Sounds like you are pretty well prepared for it. Would love to see a photo of your white crochet throw, it sounds beautiful.

Hazel - you Victorians know how to enjoy the cold!

Judith - the odd time we've stayed somewhere with an electric blanket I know it is lovely to hop into a warm bed! Don't think I'd like it on all night though?

Ali said...

Oh you are quite welcome! It's in the post as we speak, I really wanted to include a nice personal note in the parcel but the post office lady zipped them all closed before I could get a word in!

The weather here at the moment is just glorious - I'm just enjoying it so much. And that quilt, is that really knitted? My limit is a dishcloth!

saving for travel said...

In England we have had glorious weather recently. More like Summer than Spring. So we changed to our Spring Duvet a while back and switched off the Storage Heater.

Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

Sft x

dreamer said...

Love the pictures of your lemon trees, still in awe of all the things that grow in your climate compared to here, it all seems very exotic :)