October 23, 2015

1970's style recipe #1 - Simplicity Chocolate Cake (Good)

So I baked a cake recently using a recipe from my dear Mum's 1970's recipe book.

Just choosing radomly I found Simplicity Chocolate Cake.... and it certainly was simple~

Here is the original recipe in my Mum's handwriting:

and here it is in clear format~

Simplicity Chocolate Cake (Good)
from my Mum’s 1970’s recipe book

3 tablespoons Butter or Margarine (melt)
2 level tablespoons Cocoa
1 cup SR Flour
1 cup Sugar
½ cup Milk
2 Eggs
½ teaspoon vanilla or almond essence
Melt Butter
Put all other ingredients into large bowl and pour melted butter over.
Beat really hard for three minutes.
Pour onto greased tin and bake in moderate oven.
(Be careful not to burn)
This will stay fresh for days.


My comments - I used wholemeal SR flour because that is all I buy.  It worked out fine, nicely chocolately, moist and dense.  I cannot confirm that it stays fresh for days because it didn't last long in our household!

As oven temps were not given I cooked mine at 180 deg. for about 35 minutes, but I watched it carefully the last 5 minutes or so, being mindful of Mum's warning not to BURN!  It may need a little longer than 35 minutes, but my oven tends to hot.

So I thought I would use some of my retro props which is likely to happen more often as I change the tempo somewhat with my little blog.  Don't worry - I'm not going to morph into another Martha (or anyone of that ilk) but would like to incorporate more of a retro theme.  So watch this space - more change is on the way!

Feel free to use this recipe, I'm sure Mum would not have been happy to share. 

cheers for now