January 30, 2014

My Personal Declutter Challenge

I have been thinking of a way to challenge myself into decluttering more in 2014.

So this is my own personal challenge - anyone who cares to join in please do so!

This is a committment now as I've put it on my blog.  Each month in 2014 (starting February) I aim to:

declutter as many items as there are days in the month

so I'm off to an easy start in February with only 28 days.

I will be be following this little rhyme - 

and as 2014 is not a leap year I hereby challenge myself to 28 items to be decluttered/removed from the premises in February .

Not many variations on the theme, which is why I have chosen to go this way.  Some months will be easy and others I might have to push myself a bit, but I will document it as I go.   Wish me luck.  Maybe I can actually live up to my blog name!

cheers for now

January 23, 2014

While It's Still January

There are three resolutions that I think I can actually stick to this year - all a bit self-indulgent  - but just let me indulge as I rarely make resolutions.

1. See More Movies 

I've already taken myself off to see August : Osage County and liked it very much.  Yes, a bit OTT but still I was fairly well engrossed into this disfunctional family.  The time whizzed by, so that's always indicative I think.

More movies on the radar include : Philomena, American Hustle and The Book Thief.
2. Resist My Bad Habit of Changing Appointment Times!

This is just a little flaw of mine which I thought might be worth trying.  For years, I've had the (bad) habit of changing times or re-scheduling appointments.  I don't know why. In my defence, I always give plenty of notice - and this would apply to medical appointments, hairdresser, accountant - as opposed to friends.

I always just find an excuse to change it to a better or different time or day that suits better.   Of course, I never let people down or stand them up - just shuffle things around a little!  Someone else can analyse that one for me, but in the meantime, I will just resolve to do better this year.
3.  Read More Books in 2014.

This is probably the easiest one to follow as I'm an avid reader.  However I would like to switch it up a notch and try reading different genres.  I'm a great fan of our local library network and I often have reservations well into the double digits.  I love reading new releases, so I'm always reading reviews and blog readers opinions too.

So I thought I might just keep track of what I've been reading.  I've just finished  The Mayne Inheritance by Rosamond Siemon.  This is not a new release in fact I've read it once before many years ago, but thought it would be worth re-visiting.  It's a non-fictional (but some believe a fair bit of creativity was used)  following the history of the Mayne family. A really good read, particularly for anyone familiar with Brisbane.  Alot of the suburbs were familiar to me as I grew up in Brisbane.  Murder, scandal and gossip - and major generousity.

Now I've just started Burial Rites by Hannah Kent and it looks like it will live up to expectation.  It's the right time of year here to be reading this type of book and I think I will enjoy it.
So that's it.  My 3 for 2014.  Better late than never!

PS: The photos don't have any great significance apart from the fact that I've obviously seen more sunsets than sunrises!  That might be another goal.

cheers for now