December 18, 2012

Flower Float Bowls

This is such a hot time of year, but it’s nice that some things are flowering away.  I love these flowers - so pretty, but they don’t last long. 

They are Native Passionfruit flower.
I picked up these flowers this morning.  I thought the tree was a Candlenut but hubby informs me that it is a type of flame tree (Little Kurrajong - Brachvchiton bidwilli)  - and yes he is a bit of a know-all when it comes to anything of a botanic nature.
I just love the colour of these.  Not much of a show on the actual tree, but pretty as they fall on the ground, or in a bowl.

So nice to be thinking cool thoughts at the moment!  
Joy of joys!  Son's OP result has come in (for those familiar with the Queensland system it was a 4) and we are all very happy.  It should see him offered his first choice of Engineering at Queensland University.  He is happily working two part time jobs at the moment, saving money and having some free time over the holidays.
So much sadness though in the States at the moment after the latest shootings.  Sending thoughts and prayers to those affected.  Such things are totally beyond comprehension.
cheers for now Wendy 

PS: Waving hi to my 50th (I can't believe it!) follower Caroline.  Welcome along Caroline.  I am a bit of a sporadic blogger, but hope to work on that in 2013.