June 27, 2012

Silverbeet by the armful

Don't forget my WOOL giveaway!  Open to all blog followers - just leave a comment on the giveaway post so I know you'd like to be included in the draw.

I decided last night there was definitely enough silverbeet for a pie.  We always refer to it as Spinach and Feta pie, but actually Silverbeet is the main ingredient around our place.
We always plant plenty of it, and it always does well.  As you can see, we definitely subscribe to the messy, overgrown style of veggie garden, but hey, it works!
Plenty of lovely fresh greens. 
I enjoy making this, and the end result - but not all the washing up that goes with it! 

My method is just the recipe found on filo pastry packet, maybe adapted a little over the years as I've been making it.  I forgot to take any making or baking photos, but this is the end result.
If I'm very strict and crack the whip a few times at the boys (!) we can sometimes stretch it out to last 2 nights (remember there are only three of us).  Lots of other veggies - usually some baked pumpkin and steam broccoli go well with it.

cheers for now

June 20, 2012


Linking in with Evi at Sister Sun with her colour theme.  This week it is yellow.
Yellow doesn’t seem to be my favourite colour.  I thought that I wouldn't have many photos taken in this theme.

However, looking through some older ones, I found these -
 This is our pedal boat in the dam. We have had lots of fun with this, although it has sunk a couple of times!
 taken at Roma Street Parkland some time ago

....and just having a walk around the yard I found these -
The toy belongs to Dexter (the dog).  One ear is noticably missing, but the rest intact.  Surprisingly he has had this since he himself was a puppy!

Evi's post is lovely – uplifting and bright - hop over and have a look.

Cheers for now

June 17, 2012

Mandarin-mad dog!

 Or should that be mandarin mad-dog!

Our normally sweet, but ever so slightly silly dog Angel loves this time of year.

 She loves her mandarins. 

She has weird tastes - which include mandarins.  She also enjoys bananas and tomatoes.

(Please excuse my terrible recording skills, but this is a first for me with new camera!  Hopefully you will be able to view the clip).


cheers for now

June 15, 2012

Orange ..... and a Blue Giveaway!

SO .... continuing along with the colour scheme idea.....
As I was walking around the yard with my new camera having a bit of a play (it’s not over the top, but seems to suit me it’s a Fuji Finepix S3300) - it appears that we have plenty of Orange.
 Particularly at this time of year.

Linking with Evi at Sister Sun and her colour posts  Thanks Evi for helping me appreciate the colours around me!
If you've spotted something not orange along the way - it is my Giveaway!  I resisted posting this yesterday as the blue just did not go with State of Origin Queenslander theme!  However, today is another day (you were right Muppy)!
I have 3 skeins of wool to give away.  One is multi coloured, hand dyed and hand spun.  The other two are pure new wool, navy triple ply.  Each about 100g in weight.    They have been in my wool stash for way too long – time for someone to be creative!

It is lovely wool, and destined to be turned into something wonderful I'm sure.

I'll leave the giveaway open until 15 July - as I have been so slow in getting it off the ground.  The winner will be chosen randomly.

Just leave a comment on this post to be included in the draw.

Cheers for now 

June 13, 2012

Maroon inspired

I started taking some photos this morning with my new camera.  Yes I bit the bullet and bought myself a bargain.  Good time of year for that isn’t it?!

As I walked around the yard
 I realised that I was picking up on a theme.

 A maroon inspired theme.

  with a little bit of artistic licence in calling some photos 'maroon'.

All this may or may not have something to do with a certain game of Rugby League this evening!
 Yes!  It’s the second of the series tonight.  The first game won by Qld.  
 (Sons' car which happily co-incidentally is maroon.  The L plate will soon be replaced when he goes for his driving test in 2 weeks ....eeeek!)

I was amazed by how much maroon we have around our place!  The three of us are keen on football, but not fanatical.

Maybe maroon is just a good colour.  Go Queensland!

I’m having a giveaway soon.  Details will be on next post (I may have said that last time, but the colours just did not go with this post)!  The closing date will be extended as I have been so slow blogging lately.  Hopefully the new camera will bring more inspiration.

Cheers for now