December 31, 2011

Year End and Lazy Holiday Reads

One thing I really enjoy about this time of year is that I can do plenty of reading without feeling guilty about it!  I’m usually a fairly keen reader anyway - looking back over the past year I’ve realised that my love of books has exceeded any boundaries previously set.

This is my current stack of holiday reading.  Our local library is fantastic, and I’ve not bought a fiction book in years.  I may have mentioned my almost obsessive habit about new release books.   Most times the book that I'm wanting to read is already available through the library.  
Book review blogs make great reading too and one of my favourites is Milo's Rambles (and of course my long-time favourite LibraryGirl).   I have just finished reading Perfect People by Peter James which was Milo's No.1 read for the year also.

It’s a great book, and a real page turner.   Designer babies and a great story combine for a highly recommended read indeed.  I’ve read a lot of Peter James other works, police procedurals featuring Roy Grace, but Perfect People is a standalone novel.

I think Peter James would be one of my fave authors.  I am also awaiting the newly released novels of Nevada Barr and also Sue Grafton.   I think I have read every book written by both these authors and have followed the adventures of both Anna Pidgeon and Kinsey Milhone for many years.  
The other reads in this stack cover a rather diverse range, which shows how my tastes have changed and/or are changing.   I used to be a stickler for mystery/suspense books and would rarely try anything else.  Now I am drawn to various other genres and am currently exploring dystopian books in the YA (young adult) range.  I find that they are usually  better more interesting, not too gory or weird and often with less swearing!  I don't think I'd  handle the really heavy SciFi style!
Another book I’d like to mention is Knitting Beyond the Edge, which I was lucky enough to win as a giveaway from Suse at  pea soup.  It’s a drool-worthy book and although my knitting is pretty average, I’m determined to try some of the techniques soon.  One of my nieces is having her first baby mid-year and I’m hoping to knit a baby blanket, maybe with a few fancy bits added on!  Thanks again Suse!

Here’s to a Happy New Year!  Whatever you are doing, stay safe and enjoy the start of 2012.
Hope that it is a wonderful one for us all. 
Cheers for now – Wendy 

PS - the photo is one of my favourites was taken several years ago from the holiday house we were staying in at Iluka on the northern NSW coast about this time of year.    Just so peaceful.   Stay peaceful in 2012.

December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all who have perserved
and still read my humble little blog. 

Sorry I haven't been around much lately
Hopefully 2012 will bring more posting and more decluttering!   I can only hope.

Cheers for now - and with very best wishes for a safe and happy Festive Season.

Image from here

December 7, 2011

Poinciana Flowers

This year our lovely tree has produced the best show to date. I particularly like this first shot taken at night.

Beautiful colour and plentiful flowers.  It is right at the front of the house and the idea when we planted it there, some years ago, was to provide shade for any visitors cars.

This doesn't always work so well - cars parked underneath are often covered in either leaves or flowers.  Most of our friends don't seem to mind though - it does provide beautiful shade in summer.

It is indeed a beautiful tree althought not a particularly uniform shape as it has been trimmed quite a lot.    Poinciana’s all seem to be doing exceptionally well this year.  I’ve seen many gorgeous displays of them around our neighbourhood.  It is not a native tree to our area, but it is still appreciated.

I am at home enjoying a lovely rainy day today.  The rain was badly needed, and we have certainly had a good soaking today. 
However, the reason I'm home is not so good.  I had a little accident with my foot last week and I haven’t been back to work since.  It happened at home, and it was totally my own fault, so I can't blame anyone, not even the dog!  Not wanting to go into any gory details (or show a photo  ... yuk) but suffice to say that it involved the following – one large opened  can of tuna, two toes, and 10 stitches.  I cannot believe that I was so stupid, but sadly, I was!

The next time I post, I am planning going to do a little giveaway.  I just wanted to acknowledge those who read my little blog, and who have maybe perservered when I haven’t been blogging very much at all lately.  
My thoughts are of taking a photo of where I sit when I blog - looking out the window.  Maybe others would like to join in.  The giveaway will be linked to this future post.

Uploading photos is still an issue until we get the new computer, but I have rigged up a way to get photos loaded using hubbys’ (work) camera.   I think that has made me a little reluctant to post, as previously I have enjoyed being able to share photos.  However, this is an improvement of sorts.  However, we'll see how it goes.  Baby steps in this non-technological household it seems.  Baby steps with me too ... ouch!

Are you familiar with the Poinciana tree?  Do you have any near you?

Till then,
Cheers Wendy